Improving cardiovascular health of patients with chronic kidney disease

The TRACK trial will evaluate whether a small dose of rivaroxaban, a blood-thinning medication, would reduce cardiovascular death or major cardiovascular events in patients with advanced stages of chronic kidney disease.

We have reached another milestone. 500 patients randomised! Congratulations to all principal investigators and study coordinators. Our national leaders are @LilyMshar in Malaysia, @vjha126 and @raja_1980 in India, @jardine_meg in Australia 1/-

Congratulations and thank you to all Indian site investigators and coordinators for recruiting 200 participants. Our top recruiting investigators are-
Dr Vinay Rathore (AIIMS Raipur)
Dr R Ramachandran (PGIMER Chandigarh)
Dr Manisha Sahay (Osmania Hospital)
– 1/3

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