Issue 16   |  30 Jun 2023 


Study Overview
The TRACK trial will evaluate whether a small dose of rivaroxaban, a blood-thinning medication, would reduce cardiovascular death or major cardiovascular events in patients with advanced stages of chronic kidney disease.


Recruiting for the TRACK trial


Click to see Assistant Prof. Vinay Rathore talk about his experience in trial recruitment with Prof. Martin Gallagher


TRACK Participant Retention


Take a look at these strategies for recruitment and retention of participants in the TRACK trial


Important Updates & Reminders


1. DSMB update

The latest TRACK DSMB meeting was held Wednesday, 7th June. After review of the trial data the DSMB recommended that the trial continues unchanged. We look forward to sharing all the results from the DSMB at the round of upcoming Investigator Meetings to be conducted in all regions through July.  Please keep an eye out for an invitation as we would encourage all site staff to attend wherever possible.

2. Data Entry
Data quality assurance is a key aspect to the integrity and success of the TRACK trial. To ensure we are capturing accurate details within the database, we wish to provide some friendly reminders on correct procedures for data entry.

If a participant has stopped IMP, please update the study medication log and ensure to check whether the reason for stopping is listed under �reasons for stopping� before selecting �other�.

Please ensure that once a participant has been randomised that the study medication log is updated with the date that the participant started their study medication. Then remember that throughout the study all study medication start and stop dates must be entered into the study medication log.

CLINIC VISIT - Study Medication 
If 'NO' is ticked for �Remaining tablets re-dispensed to participant� please ensure to provide the reason and not the number of tablets not re-dispensed.

A reminder that when completing the concomitant medication page to please only select �other� if the medication name or category is not in the list provided.

Database Queries

You may have noticed some queries being raised for your site. Our data management team is currently performing data cleaning for the TRACK trial and with this, we would appreciate if sites can review and respond to open queries within 2 weeks of being raised. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact the TGI project team for assistance.


Recruitment and Country Updates
All figures are as of 26 June 2023



Global Recruitment Graph: Monthly Progression
Below figures are as of 26 June 2023



Global Recruitment Graph: Randomised vs Target
Below figures are as of 26 June 2023




To remain up to date on site status, visit
Only sites with participants on run-in or randomised have been included.



Welcome to New Sites


We would like to warmly welcome the following sites that are now activated for the TRACK trial:

Site Name: CHRU De Nancy
Country: France
Site PI: Prof Luc Frimat
Date Site Activation: 7th April 2023

Site Name: King Abdulaziz Medical City � Western Region � KAMC Jeddah
Country: Saudi Arabia
Site PI: Bashaer Alqurashi
Date Site Activation: 11th May 2023

Site Name: AZ Sint-Jan Brugge � Oostende AV
Country: Belgium
Site PI: Dr. An De Vriese
Date Site Activation: 6th June 2023

We are looking forward to seeing the first participants enrolled at your sites!


IBM Training Database Logins

For any site staff who wish to train/practice data entry for the study, please visit the TRACK Training IBM Database by logging in with any of the following updated training accounts.