Issue 12   |  28 Oct 2022 


Study Overview
The TRACK trial will evaluate whether a small dose of rivaroxaban, a blood-thinning medication, would reduce cardiovascular death or major cardiovascular events in patients with advanced stages of chronic kidney disease.


Important Updates & Reminders


1. DSMB Meeting Preparation
To ensure that all data within the TRACK database are as clean as possible in time for the upcoming DSMB meeting, we ask that all sites complete the following tasks by November 11th:
- Report events
- Complete data entry
- Respond to data queries
- Send the latest screening log to your Regional/Central Coordinating Centre.


2. Participant's personal & identifiable information

When completing and checking your site's screening log each month, please ensure that details such as the Medical Record Number, participant name, and personal details are removed from the log prior to sending the screening log to the lead sponsor/global study team.

If any personal or identifiable data is sent, it will be reported as a data breach.


3. Participant Information Video

The Global Project Team recently created a video to aid sites in the participant recruitment process. The video is a summary of the existing Participant Information Sheet & Consent Form (PISCF) and aims to help patients gain a brief overview of the study and what their participation entails. This video can be shown to any potential participants as supplementary material to the PISCF.
Click here to access the video.


4. TRACK Website

Please note that going forward, the TRACK Trial website can only be used by health professionals. This is to meet the regulatory requirements in some of our participating countries. Participant-directed pages have been removed from the website.


Recruitment and Country Updates
All figures are as of 25 Oct 2022.



To remain up to date on site status, visit
Only sites with participants on run-in or randomised have been included.



TRACK Feature Profiles


Name: Prof. Habib Skhiri

Position/Role: TRACK Tunisia National lead

Location: Monastir, Tunisia

About: Professor Skhiri has a Paediatric Nephrology Diploma, Immuno-Rheumatology Diploma, and Nephrology Certificate at Université Paris 5 René Descartes, France. He also completed the HESPERIS transplantation training course in Helsinki and Munich and obtained a certificate for therapeutic strategies in infectious pathologies at Bichat-Claude Bernard University in Paris.

In Paris, Professor Skhiri worked as an Associate Physician in nephrology at Bichat Hospital and also in nephrology and kidney transplantation at Necker Hospital. He is currently  Professor of Nephrology at Fattouma Bourguiba Hospital, Monastir, Tunisia. He has been head of the nephrology department since 2019 and also the president of Tunisian Society of Nephrology since December 2021.


Name: Farah Zribi

Position/Role: Senior Clinical Research Associate

Location: Tunisia

About: Farah has a multitude of experiences across 8 years in Clinical Research within Tunisian CROs and also in freelance where she monitored different trials in different therapeutic areas such as Neurology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, and Cardiology.

Farah was also responsible for different departments and various tasks such as data management, statistical analysis, quality assurance, project management, and pharmacovigilance. She joined Eshmoun Clinical Research in March 2022.